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  • unbound

    Nineteenth-century American coverlets are both an embodiment and expression of our national identity. In red, white, and blue, these textiles visualized the young nation through emblems of state and the Stars and Stripes of independence.  Looking closely, this American imagery was crafted by interweaving cotton—grown by slaves and spun in Northeastern mills—with local wools steeped…

  • 3/29/15 – 1/5/16

    3/29/15 – 1/5/16 is a series of 30 weavings, each of which was placed in a box with a slit or hole cut in the top.  The boxes were then placed in the greenhouse where I start the seedlings and winnow the harvested indigo on the day that I planted seeds this past growing season. The weavings were…

  • Color of Place

  • As Is